Persephone Market Garden



When does the season start?

Our program usually delivers vegetables for 20 weeks from June through to the end of October. The exact starting date varies with the season. The last few years, we have started in the third week of June and continued into the first week of November.

How do I receive my vegetables?

Farm pick-up

You can choose to pick up at the farm on Tuesday or Friday afternoons. We encourage customers to team up for pick-ups with neighbours and friends, to save on mileage and time.

Owen Sound to Wiarton

For the 2019 season, we plan to deliver to pick-up sites in Owen Sound and Wiarton and spots between (Big Bay & Kemble), on Friday afternoons. A delivery fee of $50 for the full season applies to all deliveries ($2.50 per delivery). With sufficient interest, we'll swing along the lakeshore (Oliphant and Sauble). Get in touch!

Workplace pick-ups

We can deliver to your workplace as well. Get in touch for more details, if you are interested.

Home delivery

Home delivery is an option depending on your location – please contact us. Please have a cooler in front of your door, so that your produce is protected from weather and critters. A delivery fee of $110 for the full season applies ($5.50 per delivery).

Which size is right for me?

The right size for your family will depend on how big your family is, how old your children are and how many vegetables you eat. Ultimately, the right size for your household depends on your cooking habits. Based on past experience, here are some recommendations:

Share size

Family size


Individual or couple


Couple or couple with small children


Couple with teenagers

The season starts off with smaller boxes, so you have a few weeks to get used to the new vegetable abundance in your life. The peak harvest time is August to October, when you can expect the largest boxes. Every week, we provide recipes and ideas in our newsletter to help you with unfamiliar vegetables.

Flex Shares

Each of our CSA share sizes is also available as a Flex Share -- just 10 weeks instead of 20 and you choose the weeks. Great if you're out of town often, do shift work, want to try a CSA, or found the full season too much of a commitment!

What will I get?

We focus on providing you with a variety of familiar vegetables, along with a few more unusual items. Our goal is to provide between 5 and 8 different vegetables each week of the season, in quantities that you can easily incorporate into your cooking. Generally, each week includes a head of lettuce and a variety of other vegetables.

See something in our list of vegetables that you don't like? Don't worry, during the sign-up process you can select three vegetables that you would prefer not to receive in your share and three that you love. We'll substitute items as best we can each week.

Can I change the size of the share part way through the season?

You may change the share size part way through the season. Contact us to make arrangements and calculate changes in share price.

Can we cancel our share part way through the season?

You make a commitment to us by signing up as a CSA member. We plan our garden and season taking each of you into account. We generally do not allow for cancellations part way through the season, unless there are significant extenuating circumstances.

How do I communicate my feedback to the farmers?

We welcome feedback throughout the season by email, phone, or in person during pick-up. At the end of each season, we also survey all members. Our current selection of vegetables, box sizes and size recommendations are based on eight years of customer responses– we appreciate your feedback and suggestions for improvement!

What happens if I'm away for a week?

You can have someone else pick up for you. Or with at least 3 days notice we can arrange that (1) you pick up at the farm on a different pick-up day, (2) you get two baskets another week, or (3) you get credit to spend on extra items.

How much does it cost?



(2o weeks)

Cost per week

Flex share

(10 weeks)

Cost per week
Small $400 $20  $215  $21.50
Medium $520 $26  $275  $27.50
Large $640 $32  $335  $33.50

The CSA is our priority -- if there is a drought or flood (or other calamity) the CSA shares are always taken care of first before we sell to restaurants and through Eat Local Grey Bruce. Also, we appreciate your up-front commitment and over the course of the season, CSA members get a 10 to 15% bonus in produce as a thank you.

Why does it help if we sign up early?

We plan our garden and our season in winter. The earlier we have commitment from CSA members, the better we can plan the garden and the more we can focus on growing good food in the spring and summer!

How do I pay?

Send us a deposit for 1/3 of the total share cost at the time of ordering. The remaining 2/3 are due July 1 and September 1. We accept cheques and e-mail transfers. If you require special payment options, please ask and we will try to find a solution with you.

What do Members say?

I have been a member of Kristine’s CSA since she began. We really appreciate the quality of her produce, her weekly newsletter of information and her end of the year survey of our likes and dislikes. She is a terrific farmer who pays close attention to her land and her clients. I highly recommend her to you.

Love the service, vegetables and miss it until next spring.

You guys do a wonderful job and we're very happy that you do what you do!